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Alto Legend Richie Cole sits in with Bruce Baker & The Altered Presence Jazz Band

I had the privilege of having alto sax legend Richie Cole sit in with us to play two of my original tunes at our last show at Alvas Showroom.  He played these originals like he has been playing them for years!  Mark Isbell was also on alto along with myself on piano, Mike on bass and Alex on drums.  The following two short clips are excerpts of Richie Cole's performance.  Cole is at the top of his game composing new tunes, writing fabulous arrangements and swingin' better than ever!  Visit his site to hear his new releases; Richie Cole Alto Madness!
An excerpt from
"Creamsicle Sunday"
Feat. Richie Cole - alto sax

Richie Cole solo -  Swingin!
A moderate yet uplifting "straight ahead" jazz piece.

Title by Kim Baker
Bootleg video

An excerpt from 
"Bebop Bonanza (and it ain't bebop)"
Feat. Richie Cole - alto sax, Mark Isbell - alto sax, Alex Smith - drums

Richie Cole, Mark Isbell, and Alex Smith solos! 
A moderate tempo jazz piece.

Title by Kim Baker 
Bootleg video 


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