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  1. Looking

Music by Bruce Baker
Lyric by Lauri Johnson


Looking at the sea,
I wonder who am I
and where will I be tonight?
Sailing away,
Or maybe stay a little longer...
If the feeling's right,
Well, then, I just might...sit tight!
Looking at the moon,
I don't know what to do
and there's no clue, false or true.
Up there in space,
Perhaps it's all a little clearer.
Maybe high up there,
is a place I'd dare, if it's even fair to care...
It's the waiting.
All the time we spend contemplating.
If we could go straight to celebrating,
Maybe we could jump and take that chance,
and we'll skip that dance.
And do without the thundering,
to hell with all that wondering!
Looking at your face,
I see a million possibilities,
moons and seas,
far from the normal way
that people try to build their lives.
We will simply love and fill our lives.
We will love and we will love and we will
Look at seas & moons
and I'll look at your face!