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Introducing "Bruce Baker Music" blog 

Hello.  My name is Bruce Baker.  I'm a jazz musician / music composer, and I dig discussing all things jazz music - composing, theory, why do we enjoy hearing jazz music?, what attracts us to jazz music, musician talk, band talk, how to write music for a theater event, and more......  Currently, my posts have been about my concert notices.  Today, I'm going to open the door to a comprehensive discussion / comment page about jazz music.  Please submit ideas, comments, etc.  


Bruce Baker


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Music Photos by Photo Artist Rebecca Bogdonoff 

Hi Everyone,
First off - please give us your input / comments about this post and/or our shows - we very much want to hear from you.  All you need to do is click the word "comment" and you are on your way.
Thank you very much for supporting us once again at Alvas Showroom on Saturday - particularly those of you who traveled such long distances across town from places like Burbank, South Orange County, North Hollywood and San Fernando Valley.  The four of us had a blast and hope you did as well.  You probably…Read more

PRESS RELEASE (Debut Album) - My thoughts and Press Release 

Our debut album features all original compositions.  And yes, I am the composer.  However I have learned that the bare bones notes and harmonic structure of a tune is not what folks are hearing.  Listeners are hearing all of the music and musical ideas from the entire band.  I am not proficient at communicating this idea with words.  But I do understand perfectly that Alex and Mike's input, ideas, and performances of these bare bones notes and harmonic structure are what complete the compositions as you…

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New Album and Music Video Reviews & Comments - We want to hear from you 

Now that you have listened to our new album Mandarin Blue and/or listened to the music videos, please let us know your thoughts.  Post your comments here.  We would love to hear from you!  Just click on the word "comment" to get started and to read comments from others.  Thank you!

Not Just A Jazz Concert - Musicians, Lyricists, Legends, Photo Artists and Friends! 

Please feel free to add your comments to my post - it would be great to hear your thoughts!  Let us know what you thought of the show and anything else you would like to express.  Thanks!  -- Bruce
If you were at the show on March 28 at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, I hope you still read my comments.  If you were not at the show, well, you missed out on some great musicians, a surprise visitor (alto player), wonderful Photo Artists, and a wonderful post gig champagne and dessert reception hosted by my dear…Read more

New Album & Release Party!! 

Hi All,
The trio (me, Mike Alvidrez, and Alex Smith) recorded - live - 8 tunes at Beacon Street Studios, and we are going to celebrate the release at our next gig - March 28 at Alvas Showroom.  This is not Mike's or Alex's first album, but it is mine.  I did record a demo last year, but that was a completely different animal.  I wanted to say a few words about the album, so here goes:
I say the recording is "live" because we didn't record separate tracks and layer them; no overdubbing.  We wanted to "be in…Read more

Alvas Showroom Performance! 

Hello Everyone!  We (Bruce Baker and the Altered Presence Jazz Band) just performed at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro on November 9.  It was a success (if I do say so myself) - we had a wonderful turn out - standing room only - and the band members played wonderfully!  The standing trio is Alex Smith on drums, Michael Alvidrez on upright bass, and myself at the piano.  We had a guest sax and flute player join us - Robert Kyle - who also played his heart out, and a guest singer and lyricist join us for two…Read more